Free Your Voice


A Weekend Intensive Developing Vocal Power, Courage, Vulnerability & Strength

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Within each of us lives a voice that is powerful. A voice that is as authentic as our first cry; it is expressive, evocative, and deeply connected to our humanity. During this 21-hour weekend intensive, Susan will offer a progression of exercises designed to free, develop, and strengthen your voice. You will learn how to increase your capacity for breath (inspiration) and vocal power. You will explore ranges of sound and emotion to enhance a voice that is passionate, revealing, and connected to your raw, authentic nature.

Rather than focusing on freedom from the obstacles currently constraining your voice, the focus will be on freedom for. Freedom for: power, courage, vulnerability and strength; the vocal freedom to speak your mind and heart, to be heard, to inspire others, to change your world, and for actors, to fully imbue your characters with your unique humanity.

During this weekend intensive, you’ll be given the tools to:

Increase Physical Awareness
Deepen Relaxation
Develop Power of Breath
Increase Awareness of Vibrations and their Amplifications
Free and Open the Channel for Sound
Explore Resonance & Articulation
Connect Emotions, Impulses and Thought to Sound
Increase Vocal Range
Deepen Emotional Range

This class has been carefully designed for both beginning and advanced voice students.

Rediscover your voice, your power!


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