Leiris/Picasso Press Page

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001 – (L to R)  Melissa Powell, Fred Ochs, Patrick Baker (on floor), Jenny Byrd, Amy K. Harmon, Michael Bulger and Tyler Jenich.

002 – (L to R)  Amy K. Harmon, Michael Bulger, Patrick Baker, Jenny Byrd, Fred Ochs, Joseph L. Roberts, Melissa Powell and Tyler Jenich.

003 – Tyler Jenich and Amy K. Harmon.

004 – Michael Bulger as Michel Leiris.

005 – (Front) Melissa Powell and Patrick Baker; (Rear) Amy K. Harmon.

006 – (L to R) Jenny Byrd, Fred Ochs and Melissa Powell.

007 – (L to R) Tyler Jenich and Michael Bulger.

008 – (L to R) Marie Lively, Fred Ochs, Dan Gordon and Robbie Carver.

009 – Fred Ochs and Jenny Byrd.

010 – The cast of Leiris/Picasso:  (Front, L to R): Patrick Baker, Tyler Jenich, Michael Bulger; (Rear, L to R): Marie Lively, Dan Gordon, Robbie Carver, Jenny Byrd, Fred Ochs, Melissa Powell, Amy K. Harmon and Joseph L. Roberts.