Ensemble Membership is strong community of like-minded artists working together to advance Brimmer Street’s mission. Our ensemble includes artists working in various disciplines (actors, writers, directors, designers, producers, etc.).

Ensemble Members are committed creative contributors to Brimmer Street’s work, supporters and team members responsible for promoting, growing and participating in the company’s programming and events. Most importantly, being a member of Brimmer Street means co-ownership of our ongoing development and production of original theater in Los Angeles.

There are no dues for Ensemble Membership. Members are credited on company publications including programs and our website.

Expectations for Ensemble Members:

  • Attend the annual membership meeting
  • Contribute to and/or participate in projects and programs as is mutually beneficial
  • Attend or volunteer at Brimmer Street events including fundraisers and workshops
  • Communicate via email

Individuals may be invited to join the ensemble after previous collaboration with Brimmer Street, at the discretion of the Artistic Membership.


Associate Ensemble Membership is a distinction offered to collaborators and like-minded artists. Associate Ensemble Members are notified about opportunities to collaborate with Brimmer Street on a variety of projects, from new play development efforts to play auditions and more. Individuals may be invited to become Associate Ensemble Members at the discretion of the Artistic Membership.


Artistic Membership is the group responsible for setting Brimmer Street’s creative direction.

Expectations for Artistic Members:

  • As members of the Ensemble, all the expectations for Ensemble Members applies to Artistic Members
  • Pay dues of $25 per month or $300 per year. Failure to pay dues for 3 months will result in suspension from the next quarterly meeting; 6 months delinquency equates to resignation from Artistic Membership.
  • Attend quarterly creative meetings, and other creative meetings as scheduled. Absence from 2 consecutive quarterly meetings equates to resignation from Artistic Membership.

Current Ensemble Members may be invited to join this group at the discretion of the Artistic Membership.