THE 2015 BLUEPRINT SERIES has concluded.

In this year’s Blueprint Series, BSTC helpedLos Angeles playwrights develop two brand new plays in collaboration with our ensemble, and hosted readings to garner valuable audience feedback.

Design by Carlos Foglia/Rasen Falcon

COMMUNION by Christina Cigala

To get married at St. Valentine’s in Malibu, you have to spend a weekend in the woods with Father Chad. Whether it’s the great venue or the presence of Jesus, everyone’s there for a different reason, and here’s hoping they all get out alive.

December 6th @ 7:30pm

Graphic Designed by Carlos Foglia/Rasen Falcon


NOT SAFE FOR WORK by Tony Foster

The old Gods are still here, and they run a greeting card company. Join Calista as she lusts over Diane in a retelling of the Greek Calisto myth set in a modern office.

December 13th @ 7:30pm

Hyperion Arts Complex

2306 Hyperion Ave, Silver Lake


Past Blueprint Series projects have included:

  • Bereaved by Tara Everhart
  • 1969 by Damon Chua (produced by GatChu Productions and RogueMachine Theatre in 2012)
  • Leiris/Picasso by David Jette (produced by BSTC in 2010)
  • Summer in Hell by Miles Brandman (produced by BSTC in 2010)
  • Apprehension of Dr. Kaczynski by Jayk Gallagher
  • Savings by James Kirkland
  • Flower to Flower by Christina Cigala (produced by BSTC in 2011)
  • All Your Hard Work by Miles Brandman (produced by BSTC in 2012)
  • Synching by Jayk Gallagher
  • Pack Up the Moon by Christina Cigala (slated for production by BSTC in 2013)
  • Nice Guy by J Holtham
  • I Will Bury You in Time by Jeremy Goldstein
  • Annette Kellerman Forever! by Louisa Hill
  • Reveille by David Jette
  • Judy Presley on a Binge by Chelsea Sutton
  • Madame by Michelle Meyers
  • Gentlemen by David Jette