In our Blueprint Series, BSTC helped Los Angeles playwrights develop new plays in collaboration with our ensemble, and hosted readings to garner valuable audience feedback

Past Blueprint Series projects included:

  • Bereaved by Tara Everhart
  • 1969 by Damon Chua (produced by GatChu Productions and RogueMachine Theatre in 2012)
  • Leiris/Picasso by David Jette (produced by BSTC in 2010)
  • Summer in Hell by Miles Brandman (produced by BSTC in 2010)
  • Apprehension of Dr. Kaczynski by Jayk Gallagher
  • Savings by James Kirkland
  • Flower to Flower by Christina Cigala (produced by BSTC in 2011)
  • All Your Hard Work by Miles Brandman (produced by BSTC in 2012)
  • Synching by Jayk Gallagher
  • Pack Up the Moon by Christina Cigala (slated for production by BSTC in 2013)
  • Nice Guy by J Holtham
  • I Will Bury You in Time by Jeremy Goldstein
  • Annette Kellerman Forever! by Louisa Hill
  • Reveille by David Jette
  • Judy Presley on a Binge by Chelsea Sutton
  • Madame by Michelle Meyers
  • Gentlemen by David Jette
  • Communion by Christina Cigala
  • Not Safe for Work by Tony Foster